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The 360 Racing duo of Jacek Zielonka and Jason Rishover were both on the pace in the Radical Cup UK at Snetterton, with Zielonka just missing out on another podium finish.

Fifth quickest after Saturday morning’s qualifying, Zielonka was fairly happy. “The car was good and pleased to be close to the top five,” he said.

Rishover was seventh but lost some of his times due to track limit infringements, “I was happy with car, but disappointed to lose possibly my best times,” he added.

As the lights went out both drivers made excellent starts, with Zielonka fourth and Rishover holding his place in seventh.

But as the lead trio made an early escape Zielonka had Chris Preen closing on him, while Rishover was caught up in a three-way fight for sixth.

By lap nine Preen was really piling the pressure on Zielonka, and with Peter Tyler having spun, Rishover was free to challenge Williams for sixth again.

Over the final laps Zielonka had to make his SR3 as wide as he possibly could, but his defence held and he retained fourth place to the flag, with just 0.107 secs to spare. “30 minutes of defending, so tired now but a great race,” he said.

Rishover mounted his challenge for Williams’ sixth place at Oggies with a couple of laps to go, “I went for the inside but was too quick and lost the rear end on the exit,” he explained after dropping to eighth.

At the start of the second race Rishover was quickly into a strong fourth, but couldn’t match the lead trio’s pace.

Zielonka managed to take Andy Lowe at Agostini, but after another couple of exchanges he began to settle in seventh. But a tangle with Mark Williams at Agostini in the duel for sixth, put them both out of the race after six laps.

Rishover had managed to retain his hold on fourth, but his defence finally gave way to Preen on lap 10, after going wheel to wheel through Brundle and Nelson.

But his hopes of a fightback were dashed with a late spin finally dropped him to seventh.

The safety car was in action again in race three after the opening lap, with Rishover in fifth and Zielonka ninth.

Having all closed up it was green from lap three, but as Rishover tried for fourth, aspin dropped him well down the order.

With the mandatory pitstops commencing, Zielonka was suddenly up to third and after the stops he rejoined in a challenging fifth.

Lowe gradually reeled in Zielonka and bravely took him around the outside at Agostini with three laps remaining, leaving him to settle in sixth.

Rishover had rejoined in 13th following his stop, but was able to close on a three-way battle between Williams, Feyzulin and McAlpine, making two places in the final laps to finish ninth.

Published by Peter Scherer

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