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Jason Rishover started this seasons Radical Cup UK with a strong third placed finish in his 360 Racing Radical SR3 at Donington Park.

After the first qualifying session he was only 0.522 secs off the pole position time, set by defending champion James Lay.

“The conditions were fairly tricky, between grip and no grip, but it improved during the session. I had an early spin on the Craner Curves as it took a long time to get the heat into the tyres. I could have gone quicker but got held up on my best lap at McLeans,” Rishover explained.

Team mate Jacek Zielonka was sixth best,” I was going quicker too and when I saw my time on the display, I got excited, ran wide over the track limit sensor at the Old Hairpin and had to back out of it,” he added.

The first race of the weekend was red flagged after five laps, due to an oil spillage around the track.

Rishover had settled in third place with Zielonka fifth, as both lined up for the 15 minute restart.

As the lights went out Rishover was holding third again, but coming under increasing pressure from Ben Caisley, as the lead pair began to escape.

Zielonka was still fifth but was also finding himself under increasing pressure, as Mark Williams began to threaten and their duel allowed Ben Stone and Chris Preen to close too.

Rishover continued to hold onto his place until Redgate on lap seven. “The car was a bit loose and he got me down the inside, after I had managed to hold him off at the start,” he said.

After a second safety car intervention, Caisley was caught napping at the restart. Rishover made a move at Redgate and after taking the Craner Curves side by side, he was back in third as they arrived at the Old Hairpin and retained his place over the final three laps.

Zielonka had lost out to Williams back on lap five, but found himself under attack from Preen following the safety car period.

He had just lost sixth to Preen when he took to the gravel at Coppice in his attempts to fend of Haydn Chance. “I was doing OK until then, but I thought I would keep the throttle down and stay on the track with the momentum, but it didn’t work,”he admitted after falling  back to take a disappointing 11th.

Rishover was aiming for another podium in race two and ran strongly in the top four for the whole race. He was up to third after eight laps, still chasing Caisley after DeLeon had spun.

Continuing in third as the clock ran down, he was finally caught by the recovering De Leon with just a lap to go. They arrived at Redgate side by side, but after a  dummy to the left, De Leon cut back inside and Rishover’s defence was finally breached leaving him to settle for fourth.

Zielonka had to fight off ex 360 racer Peter Tyler at the start of the race, before climbing to seventh place. But his rise became a fall by mid race, slipping to 12th,before a final recovery netted him ninth.

Rishover’s successful weekend ended in disappointment however, after holding another top four place at the start of the final race. The race was red flagged and after another good start he was heading for Redgate, when Alex Khateeb lost control and speared the 360 drivers car in the side and it was race over.

Zielonka had been involved in the shunt that triggered the stoppage and escaped without damage. He was seventh until his mandatory pits top, from where he emerged to claim a solid sixth.

Published by Peter Scherer for 360 Racing, April 3rd, 2023

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