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The Hagerty Radical Cup UK was out on the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit, proving to be a challenging weekend for all, with a very wet finale.

Jason Rishover was quickest of the 360 Racing trio, qualifying fourth, with team mates Jacek Zielonka and Wesley Fongenie 11th and 19th respectively.

“The car had felt brilliant,” said Rishover. “I was too slow in a straightline, they drove away me and I had an oil leak, “ Zielonka added. “It was OK, close to what I expected,” Fongenie concluded.

All three 360 drivers managed to avoid a first corner incident in the first race, and so the race didn’t really get underway until lap three, when the safety car pitted.

Rishover had been third before the safety car, “I had an amazing start, but then just lost grip at the restart and a couple of places,” he explained.

Zielonka was holding on in ninth, with Fongenie 18th, but the race was red flagged after nine laps. Rishover was classified fourth which also gave him second place in the Fangio Class, while Zielonka managed to retain ninth on countback, after losing out to Tyler on the red flagged lap.

“It was still too slow, the same problem. Peter was really fast and caught me, so I had to defend hard for most of my race,” Zielonka added.

Fongenie was delighted with his 14th place too, after a great duel with Jack Yang. “It was fantastic chasing him and getting so close, but I had a gear selection problem exiting the Vale on every lap, I couldn’t get second,” he explained.

Holding sixth from the start of the second race, Rishover was in the train contesting third, but after a safety care intervention and incident packed restart, he was down to seventh and under threat from Preen and Macleod. “I just got held up in the chase,” he explained.

His defence successfully kept Preen at bay, but after his challengers swapped, Macleod was pressing hard to displace the 360 driver.

Macleod made it through on the last lap, with Preen following, as Rishover was left to settle for ninth, “I got a tap from someone on the Vale, then the rear bodywork was rubbing,” he explained.

Zielonka was just outside the top 10 when the safety car appeared. “I had a good restart, then the car in front of me spun and I spun too,” he said, after dropping to 18th.

But over the second half of the race his recovery was fairly swift, taking almost a place a lap, until he settled in 13th a lap from home. “After the engine change overnight, it was so much better,” he confirmed.

Fongenie had climbed to 14th by lap eight, “then I spun after Jacek retook me,” he explained, after taking 17th at the flag.

The final race of the weekend proved to be a survival experience, with the rain getting heavier and heavier.  Rishover still made good early progress from ninth on the opening lap, making his mandatory stop from fourth. “Then I just had too many little moments to mention, before touching a kerb and having a pirouette,” he said, after finally settling in ninth.

But Zielonka revelled in the conditions and from fifth at the stops, he defended a solid fourth until the final lap, when Caisley got by, who then collected a post-race penalty, hanging fourth back to Zielonka.

It was disappointing finale for Fongenie in 21st

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